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about me
mixed media
Haider WADY
Born in Baghdad, 1976
Work and live in France-Lyon since 2008
Member of the Iraqi Association of Plastic Art
Self-taught artist who has developed his academic knowledge in the contact of the sculptor Mounther Ali and the painter Abdallah Al Khatib. To be in touch with the artistic circle in Iraq was also very helpful to further experience. Since 1998 began participation in common exhibitions in the Official Art Center in Iraq and since 2000 art became a professional life.
Exhibition in the International Festival of Babylon, Baghdad, 1998
Exhibition “Irak, Terre Oubliée”, Paris, 2000
Exhibition of the French Organization J.A.I, Marrakech, 2003
Several participations at the previous Official Art Center “Saddam Art Center”, Baghdad, 1998-2000
Exhibition competition Shaker Hassan, Athar Gallery, Baghdad, 2002
Exhibition competition Jamil Hamoudy, Innana Gallery, Baghdad, 2001
Opening exhibition of Akkad Gallery, Baghdad, 2001
Summer exhibition Akkad Gallery, Baghdad, 2002
Exhibition “Iraqi Art Day” Akkad and Hiwar Galleries, Baghdad, 2003
Hundredth exhibition of Hiwar Gallery, Baghdad, 2003
Exhibition “After the Falling of Saddam’s Regim”, Hiwar Gallery, May 2003
Exhibition of the Contemporary Iraqi Art, Riwaq Gallery, Damascus, 2004
Permanent participation in Hiwar Gallery and Akkad Gallery in Baghdad
Permanent participation in Ishtar Gallery and Moudares Gallery in Damascus
Armando Reveyron Gallery, Baghdad, May 2002
French Cultural Center Gallery, Baghdad, November 2003
Ishtar Gallery, Damascus, March 2003 and 2004
Kawaf Gallery, Aleppo, December 2003
Spanish Cultural Center Gallery, Damascus, June 2006